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Stout is an artificial intelligence company located in Salinas, California helping growers automate labor-intensive field work like weeding. Founded in 2019, we sold our first Smart Cultivator in 2020 and now have machines with thousands of hours on them.

Today, we continue to apply AI to agriculture through new products, data and services to help growers increase their margins and reduce their costs.

“Our AI-powered machines are designed for easy operation and built to withstand continuous operation in the field

Stout HQ R&D


  • Hire people with great ideas, strong skills and a passion for innovation in agriculture
  • Build the highest quality machines on the market that will perform for the long term
  • Draw from 50+ years in agriculture to design and build products that are easy to use, reliable and accurate.
  • Continuously innovate and deploy new AI applications that lower costs, risks and labor for growers


Our team members grew up in the high-stakes, high-performance industries of automotive racing, defense, aerospace, medical, agriculture, and manufacturing. In industries like these, failure isn’t an option. Combined with our additional experience in innovation and product development at think tanks, startups, and system integrators, our collective project portfolio spans everything from space telescopes and virtual reality headsets, to automated farm equipment and high-throughput specialty manufacturing lines.

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In industry, the bottom line is everything. Unlike startup companies that favor technical innovation over real-world applications, Stout’s team works with our clients to understand their pain points and apply the right technology to the right problem. Our approach results in solutions that are easier to use, more durable and more functional. The ultimate outcome? Less headaches and a faster return on investment.

Stout AgTech

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