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Stout has developed a proprietary vision system combined with cutting edge software called Stout True Vision™.

Stout True Vision™ cameras capture high resolution color images, passing them through a convolutional neural network for analysis. Post processing algorithms produce unmatched precision for identification and automation implementations.


Stout True Vision™ Agriculture – Deep Learning Advantage

  • True plant identification
  • Deep learning-based neural network differentiates crops from weeds
  • Precision seed line tracking improves coverage by minimizing blade opening
  • Neural network trained with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Vision system does not need to be trained for specific fields
  • System detects actual plant centers, allowing for accurate blade control
  • Adapts automatically to ambient lighting conditions, soil type, and plant maturity
  • Not dependent on plant size or spacing, allowing use on transplants or direct seed
Stout True Vision™ Agriculture
Stout Lighting and Image Module

Stout True Vision™ – Mechanical Design

  • Robust stainless-steel housing
  • Sealed, long life LED strobe lights
  • Fixed-focus rugged industrial camera and lens
  • Rugged, waterproof, and shockproof industrial cables and wire harness
  • Epoxy-potted interface electronics



Future of Stout True Vision™

This revolutionary vision system is at the heart of what we do and will provide future capabilities that industries have been requesting for years.  Contact us for more details.



  • Proprietary vision software and firmware developed in-house at Stout
  • Camera images go through a convolutional neural network (CNN) which detects the location, type of plants, and weeds in an image
  • Post-processing algorithms convert the CNN output to timing information for the machine’s tools
  • Controller activates tools as plants pass by the correct location